Our Car Services


$50.00 an hour with a 6 hour minimum in Napa.$55.00 an hour with a 6 hour minimum for SonomaDesignated Drivers Napa are Licensed by the state of California TCP # 31148 and we are fully insured to escort you around the Napa or Sonoma Valleys. Itinerary services are included  along with a bottle of water for everyone in the vehicle. Designated Drivers Napa also carry lunch menus so that if you get hungry you can order from the menus, give us the cash or credit card and we go and get the food while you are wine tasting. Gratuity is up to you.

Enjoy your lunch with friends or family

Hopefully you are at a winery that allows picnics. If not we have a few places to go sit down and enjoy your lunch with friends or family. We have outlets to get your wine shipped back to you. Hopefully you use an airline like SouthWest Airlines where the luggage flies free.  Please check your airline for baggage rules or allowances. You can get aWine Check at most wineries. Ask your driver where the best deals are. To book your Town Car now click on the picture